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Brain training arrives in Maryborough, QLD!

Wide Bay Neurofeedback is a new business in the Fraser Coast / Maryborough area. We are located at 106 Ellena Street, Maryborough, QLD.

Mary, Neurofeedback I am a registered nurse with many years experience in both the clinical arena and the area of research.

I became aware of Neurofeedback several years ago and was very impressed by the positive impact it can have in peoples lives.

I explored the various systems available and I finally decided that NeurOptimal® was the best Neurofeedback system on the market today.

I am a qualified NeurOptimal® trainer and very enthusiastic about offering Neurofeedback in Maryborough and the entire Wide Bay region.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback machine

Neurofeedback is a computer-aided training method which works with the persons own brain activity. Through this feedback, the person learns to better self-regulate their brain activity. Many illnesses, disorders or unwanted behaviour patterns are due to dysregulation of brain activity. With Neurofeedback the person can learn to better compensate and to achieve more functionality. It is a simple pain free and non-intrusive process.

"The core of NeurOptimal® brain training is all about renormalising the flow and function of the CNS (Brain) so it can return to its intrinsic healthy chaos, and restore its inherent flexibility and resilience."
Dr Valdeane Brown

Your brain possesses the ability to learn new ways and forge new pathways. NeurOptimal® simply trains your brain to do things a little differently.

Clients report improvement in a number of areas:

A greater sense of wellbeing, focus and mental acuity.
Physical issues – chronic pain, fatigue, migraine, or may assist in the recovery from a brain injury.
Emotional problems – depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction.
Cognitive issues – ADHD (a recent Norweigan study has found Neurofeedback to be as effective as Ritalin), autism, aspergers, sleep disorders, dementia and the cognitive effects of chemotherapy.
Slow the effects of aging in the brain.
Can enhance physical, mental and artistic performance to give a competitive edge.

When it comes to improving the quality of your life 'NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback' is a game changer. Everyone understands the benefit of a good diet and exercise, it can improve your health, quality of life and build resilience and stamina. But what about your brain? The fact is the brain can be trained just like your body, for greater performance, greater focus and mental stamina which will improve our state of mind.

Dr Sue Brown, NeurOptimal

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is explained by Dr. Sue Brown – one of the developers of the NeurOptimal® brain training program.

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Fees: $70 per session / $60 concession.